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Tooth Extractions

Safe, painless tooth removal is a reality at Masterpiece Smiles!
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At Masterpiece Smiles, safeguarding your natural teeth is always our top priority. Nonetheless, in certain situations performing an extraction may be the only solution. This may include:

  • Teeth with extensive damage due to trauma or decay

  • Preparation for future orthodontic treatment

  • Advanced periodontal disease

To make you feel more comfortable, our dentists will explain how the extraction procedure works and will take everything at your pace.

Here is a preview of what to expect:

To begin, your caring dentist will numb the area around your tooth with a local anesthetic. If you are feeling particularly nervous, he or she may also provide you with nitrous oxide or oral sedation.

Once you’re in complete comfort, we’ll begin to gently rock your tooth back and forth to widen your socket. Then the doctor will proceed to extract the tooth. We’ll ask you to bite down on gauze to protect the exposed area and reduce any bleeding. You will then have the opportunity to talk to your restorative dentist about your tooth replacement options.

Extractions: Post-Care

Here are some guidelines to follow while your mouth heals.
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Care for the Area

Immediately after your extraction, the affected area will need extra care. Although you need to continue daily brushing, please avoid the affected area.

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Monitor Any Issues

It is perfectly normal to have a small amount of bleeding the night after your extraction. You can control this by biting down on a fresh gauze for 30-40 min. However, if you begin to experience more severe or non-stop bleeding, please call our office.

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Advisable Foods

First of all, you should actively avoid eating on the side where the extraction took place. Also, eat food that is easy to chew or swallow, such as yogurt and soup. Avoid using straws, extremely hot food, and foods that could become stuck.

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Stay Healthy

To keep the surgical site free from infection, you'll have to clean the area gently, but remember to wait at least 72 hours before doing so. To clean the area, use a cotton swab previously soaked in a rinse solution.

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Dry Socket

A dry socket occurs because a blood clot fails to form in your tooth's socket after extraction. If this happens, don't worry, our team can quickly treat it by applying a dressing to relieve your symptoms.

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The standard healing process after an extraction takes between 7-14 days. Your dentist will thoroughly assess how your gums are healing and review your restorative options at your follow-up visit.


Masterpiece Smiles is fantastic! They have always taken great care of me, and I appreciate the outstanding service they provide.

Brian M. (Masterpiece Patient)

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