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Cosmetic Dentures

Give your smile a second chance with our modern restorations.

There’s no need to live with slippery and uncomfortable dentures anymore! If you feel frustrated and embarrassed because your dentures don’t stay put, our cosmetic dentures are your solution.

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Dentures: Enjoy Your Life!

Get the confidence that comes from having a youthful and naturally beautiful smile.
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Culinary Delights

Cosmetic dentures are supported by a series of dental implants placed into your jaw. With these implant-retained dentures, you can enjoy all your favorite foods without fear of your dentures slipping or becoming unstable.

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Share a Laugh

With our transformative dentures, you'll rediscover your ability to speak, smile, and laugh with confidence. It's like have your old smile back again!

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Defy Age

Embrace your new confidence with a big smile! Our cosmetic dentures seamlessly blend in with your unique facial characteristics to give you a more natural and youthful appearance.

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Comfortable Fit

All our denture solutions are designed to adapt to your individual needs. Each appliance fits comfortably, so you can stop hiding your smile and embrace life with full confidence.

Why Choose Masterpiece Smiles?

We'll give you our four top reasons!
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Whatever your needs may be, we are your go-to dental office for traditional dentures or implant-retained dentures. Dr. Namaan and our team use advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry to provide you with a brand new smile!

Here are four reasons to choose our smile masters:

  • True beauty: Our dentists turn smiles into a masterpiece with the use of our signature cosmetic dentures.

  • In-house specialists: Benefit from our team’s expertise and achieve your smile goals while restoring your health.

  • IV sedation available: If you feel nervous about any procedure, we can help you feel calm and relaxed with sedation dentistry.

  • Judgment-free: Providing you with superior dentistry in an atmosphere where you feel comfortable, valued, and cared for is our ultimate goal.

Will I be able to smile if I have an extraction?
We can discuss providing you with interim dentures until your denture is ready. This way, no one has to know you are missing any teeth.

How do I know the number of implants I need for a denture?
Ideally, we will place at least four dental implants. However, the more implants we’re able to place, the more secure your dentures will be. It all depends on your case and goals.

Can people tell I have dentures?
We provide something called cosmetic dentures. They are as far from the old and dated dentures as you could imagine. Thanks to their precise fit and beautiful aesthetics, most people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing dentures.


An absolutely amazing place! I really could not be happier with the way they have taken care of my family and me! The best, most fun, most catering people work at Masterpiece Smiles. It really makes the appointments a lot nicer.

Payton M. (Masterpiece Patient)

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